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With a global perspective, Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd (hereinafter called GKP) was incorporated in 2006 to tap into China's immense petroleum market, aiming to integrate the country into its worldwide strategic network. The company offers a competitive edge for crude oil and finished petroleum products (M-100 and D2) that are shipped to the China market through the seaports of the Middle East. Understanding that China is becoming the world's largest consumer of petroleum resources, the company has decided to concentrate on the future opportunities that the region promises.

The company's geographical location has given itself a unique opportunity to deal extensively in petroleum trading activities. Located in Hong Kong, one of the world's largest financial centers, GKP takes advantage of the territory's advanced banking system to finance transactions that our counterparts in other areas may not be able to achieve. Hong Kong's proximity to the Mainland also allows the company to react quickly to changes in market demand, government policies and industry regulations, keeping abreast of the latest development.

GKP co-operating with a serie well-known investment company, has gained extensive experience in the petroleum related business through its well-organized management. Our directors are veteran executives from banking and finance with enormous skills to deal with the complicated financial process that petroleum trading entails. GKP is also managed by a group of highly professional and experienced staff with strong business sense to identify and capture trading opportunities in China's petroleum sector. To know our management team, click here.

GKP has established trading relations with multinational companies. We partner with major refineries and utilities in Middle East to satisfy the risk management required for China trade. Instead of dealing with a long chain of brokers like what our competitors are doing, GKP works directly with seller's legal mandate, thus elevating our competitive edge. In China, we have connections tobiggerimporters, agents and consumers, enabling us to place large orders.

With increasing investments by the multinational oil companies in petroleum exploration activities, the trade volume is set to take a quantum leap in recently year.

We offer competitive prices that are determined by supply and demand, which the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) continues to influence. Our work concludes with an in-depth section on interlinkages, examining the interactions among various segments of the market, including spot and futures trading, petroleum stock building, and OPEC.